6 Drawer Dresser with Mirror Ideas

Oct 25th
6 Drawer Dressers Amazing with Mirror
6 Drawer Dressers Amazing with Mirror

Arrange your personal 6 drawer dresser with mirror saves time, energy and stress. Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when you can find everything you need. There are many techniques for organizing your shoes and clothes around your lifestyle. With a little thought, your wardrobe can mirror your style and keep you healthy.


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It is a good idea to organize your 6 drawer dresser around your routine. If you have an order that you usually follow to pick out clothes, make it easy for yourself by grouping items in that order. For example, if you usually take out your shirt first, hang shirts to the left wardrobe. If you choose pants or skirts based on the shirt you choose, hang them next. If you are crazy about matching colors, you can group items of similar color together. This makes it easier to go straight to the color you are in the mood for a particular day. You can also sort clothes of occasion or warmth.

Clear it out

Before you start organizing, get rid of all the clothes you do not wear. When you carry the item, remove the tag. If a year has passed and the brand is still available, you can donate it to goodwill. Shoes can be a real organizational nightmare when they are not stored neatly. If shoes are not stored in pairs, you can waste a lot of time looking for a match (and make a mess in the process). You can use the upper shoe cubby for folded clothes.

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