Antique Drafting Table Turned Dining Table

Oct 15th
make dining table from antique drafting table
make dining table from antique drafting table

Antique drafting table – Lay out the sheets and striving for a table that was 44″ wide by 76” L. Utilize a cinch to guarantee the sheets are level with one another. Longer than 36″, however a 36″ brace is all we had.

Replicated the estimations from the current top of the drafting table and connected comparable props to our table top.

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Utilizing an etch we etched out areas for the semi-round metal pieces to sit flush with the prop and joined these pieces to the supports by boring openings and utilizing the first stray pieces from the antique drafting table.

Change the base a bit to around 34″ yet an ordinary feasting table sits at 30″. Uprooted the base of this piece and remove a 5″ segment of it and conveyed the opening up an alternate 5″ so table could now be lower to 28″. Reattached the base of the bit of wood that we uprooted to complete the base.

When the antique drafting table was fabricated it was time to pain and stain it. To pain the table and make it look old, we thoroughly demolish it with sledges, etches, screws, and screwdrivers after that lest sanding.

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