Armoire Closet Ideas

Oct 7th
Ultimum Victorian Armoire
Ultimum Victorian Armoire

An armoire closet well ordered where there is only room for what you really put almost a chimera. But it can be organized in a rational way, with everything in place and a specific place for each garment or accessory.

Cluttered armoire closet eventually become a hotchpotch of clothing, where it is difficult to cover a glance all possible combinations of clothing and accessories. By contrast, a well-organized and gently scented with aromatic sachet or a bar of soap, clean closet space make this an extension of the bathroom where you can take care of your personal appearance.

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Take one hour ahead to put order in the armoire closet… For starters, empty, clean with a moist but well drained with a drop of liquid detergent or vinegar cloth if plywood (and soap timber if this material) lies on the bed and all clothing and accessories and shoes on the floor.

It is a fundamental rule, which should be respected. If you think you cannot remember, go with string hanging a small label on the hangers that have clothes that have made you. You’ll be surprised that some have been taking place the entire season in the closet that you felt no need to wear them.

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