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July 28, 2019 Thematic Nursery

Baby Nursery Themes Ideas

The best baby nursery themes are not only attractive, but also provide a safe and comfortable place for a baby to sleep, eat and play. While over-the-top decorations may seem like a good idea, they can become a burden for parents. An old diaper changing table with a white lace cover may look beautiful, but it is an impractical design for a place that we will use to change dirty diapers.

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Take a break from blue and create the baby nursery themes of a child with a wild jungle style. Dark green carpet, white trim and pale yellow walls form a lively base for jungle theme. Pastel colored, cartoon jungle animals templates to create colorful along the top of the walls border. It keeps the sleeping area of ​​your baby relaxing with a honey-colored wooden cot and bedding, light green with an animal print jungle pastel.

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A dresser dark green with light wood trim and leaf-green knobs stencil add some contrast to the baby nursery themes design. Changer light green leaf with a pad of drawings and pale yellow baskets on the shelves complements the walls, toilet and linen. Add an overstuffed armchair with honey-colored upholstery and pillows shaped like animals in the jungle, with cozy seats.

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