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July 26, 2019 Nursery Decors

Best Vintage Airplane Nursery

Vintage airplane nursery – Planning a nursery is an exciting project for parents decor. The possibilities are endless. A nursery is timeless aircraft, an issue that entertain children the right through the preschool years. Decorate the nursery plane starts to paint the walls a light blue color. Airplanes offer the opportunity to use bright colors and interesting shapes, and provide your child with a stimulating and fun environment.

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Vintage airplane nursery, paint your walls a light blue sky. Using a sponge and diluted white acrylic paint, sponge-paint clouds on the four walls. Make them big and soft. Find a coloring book with simple pictures of airplanes. Zoom on your scanner and print to use as patterns. Trace them on your wall painted with acrylic paints and fluids from your craft store. Ask them to fly in different directions, but space them far enough apart so that its design is not too busy.

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Vintage airplane nursery, hang a ceiling fan with only two sheets to make it look like a propeller plane. Sew a small aircraft mobile felt dowel rods suspended above the crib. Cut simple shapes tickets brightly colored felt and lightly fill. The baby will enjoy watching the “fly” aircraft. Cover the window shades with a fabric print tickets for a designer look.

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