Bohemian Nursery Style

Oct 29th
The New Bohemian Nursery
The New Bohemian Nursery

Bohemian nursery – Bohemian, style is a kind of fashion was originally popularized by Bohemians, a group of people rejecting traditional moral values and nomadic life. Not used to be considered fashionable by the standards of the time, this was originally used for comfort and to challenge the rules of custom. According to Mount Holyoke College, Bohemia style in colors not considered fashionable by the community. Natural earth or favorite colors such as chocolate, soft white, olive green, silver and gold. Intense and bright colors, such as yellow, red or orange avoided.

The people of Bohemia traditionally not afford expensive fabric, so opt for natural fabrics. At the beginning of the Bohemian, using wool, which is still in use. Others, such as natural cotton fabrics, silk and linen are also used. Bohemian appreciated the comfort, which is reflected in his bohemian nursery style. Women choose loose fitting dresses, tunics, skirts and frills pants gaucho. Men’s clothes which are convenient to move, it’s looser and made of natural fabrics.

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People are dressed or bohemian nursery with bohemian style usually choose necklaces, earrings or bracelets made of natural materials such as wood, bone or slug. Unused accessories are mass-produced. Glam Check recommends using accounts, slave bracelets earrings and pendant with charms to complete this style.

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