Build a Wood Clothes Drying Rack

Nov 1st
Double Clothes Drying Racks
Double Clothes Drying Racks

1.Purchase or discover scrap stumble clothes drying rack 1-by-1s.

2.Cut and sands four bits of the wood to 22 ½ inches, four to 21 crawls, four to 19 ½ inches and two to 13 ½ inches.

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3.Buy dowels that are 3/8-inch thick, and slice 11 to 26 inches.

4.Drill a gap into the oak amble one inch from edge, then penetrate an alternate gap one inch from the edge on the inverse side.

5.Proceed with step 4 for all the bits of timber, aside from the 22 ½-inch pieces, which will just have gaps penetrated on one side, and the 13 ½-inch lumber, which ought to have openings 1 inch from one edge and two at 4 ¾ and 8 ½ inches.

6.Put some wood paste into the openings and addition the dowels to gather the clothes drying rack. Adjust the focal point opening of two of the 22 1/2-inch upholds so that together they make a X shape, put some wood paste into the gap, embed the dowel and join to the opposite side of the rack.

7.Proceed with step 6 for all the wood aside from the 13 ½-inch pieces and join all.

8.Append the two 13 ½-inch wood pieces to the highest point of the clothes drying rack at one edge with wood paste and a dowel.

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