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September 6, 2018 Unique & Antiques

How to Build an Antique Pie Safe

Although the specific use of antique pie safe, cakes cool, insects and keeping children away, has vanished, classical piece makes a comeback when placed in other rooms of the house. In the kitchen or not, a safe traditional pie can be done at home in one afternoon and serve as a great piece of storage family for years.

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One roll of one of the 5 foot long boards vertically.  Check the other plate 5 feet in the same way. Keep the two side tables 5 feet about three feet away with the pencil marks they face. Place one of the 3-foot long tables against the top line on a side plate. The line showing where to set the upper limit of the platform antique pie safe.

March Have a friend hold the boards while nails through the side boards and the antique pie safe platform. Space nails 2 inches apart. Secure the shelf to the top line of the other side plate in the same way. Repeat with the other two shelves, aligning the upper edges of the panels to the marked lines and nail to secure the unit. The plywood to the back by placing 38 inch width against the projection on the top. Key plywood to the back every 4 inches along the sides.

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