Building 12 Inch Deep Dresser

Aug 12th
Extraordinary 12 Inch Deep Dresser
Extraordinary 12 Inch Deep Dresser

12 inch deep dresser can be independent kitchen cabinets, built-in wall cabinet or space under a bed. Under-bed and built-in drawers are safer for children, because they cannot be overlooked to hurt your child. If you make a chest of drawers for your child, attach it to the wall in at least two places. Deep, wide drawers are best for saving low season blankets, coats and other bedding, whereas shallow boxes work better for personal things, such as stockings, underwear and hose.


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Measure the length, width and height of the space under the bed between your bed legs. Determine if you want a long, deep box, or multiple boxes of varying depth and length. 12 inch dresser is easier to hold than a deep long box. If you make a box, the timber cuts the length of the space under the bed. If the under-bed depth is not more than 15 inches, you can use 12-inch layers of wood to build your drawers. If it is deeper, you must either use headers and footers to reduce the space to 12 inches or use Masonite or plywood to make your drawers.

Use 1 inch of 2 inch layer of wood to make a header and 1 inch 1 inch layer to make footer for your box. If your bed has seen wooden feet for feet, fit your head between the two feet along your bed. If it does not, you have to drill a metal leg with a carbide drill to attach the head and footer. Repeat for both sides of the bed if you intend to keep it in the middle of the room. Tooth the head in place by drilling two 1/8 “diameter guide holes at each end. Sink the holes.

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