Building a Wooden a Drawer Chest

Mar 22nd
Wooden Drawer Chest
Wooden Drawer Chest

Drawer chest are an important part of keeping your child’s room clutter free between lessons. But you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive toy box or chest to take advantage of a toy box. A wooden toy box is a project that even beginner carpenters can accomplish. You can make the toy box into a cherished object by painting it in a favorite theme or even turning it into an animal-shaped box.


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Sand all plywood blades, scrubbing any rough or sharp edges or stains on wood. Lay the blade 28-of-15 flat on the work surface with 20-by-15 pieces abutting the 15-inch ends, at right angles. Glue between the joints between plywood pieces, clamp and let dry. Place two drawer chests on each side of the box finish, touching both the long side of the base and the vertical side of the ends. Make sure the edges and corners are recessed and at right angles. Glue and clip pieces. Let dry.

Hammer a nail every 2 inches through all the glued joints. Between the base and the lower sides of the box. And between the box corner joints, nailing in from the long side to the shorter end sides of the box along the vertical joint. Remove the clamps. Paint the entire drawer chest with bright colors. Adjust the piano hinge along the rear edge of the remaining 30-by-19 plywood pieces. Attach the hinge, using the screws and drill. Center the lid over the top of the box. The sides should be in line, and there should be a 2-inch lip on the front of the box. Screw the remaining part of the hinge onto the back of the box when the cover is in position.


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