Building Armoire Computer Desk

Sep 26th
Small Armoire Computer Desk
Small Armoire Computer Desk

Armoire computer desk – When you need a computer desk, but the budget does not allow working out and cheaper does not fitting the need, building your own of plywood. This project is nothing more than building a rectangle with a back in it and adding a keyboard shelf and some wheels. Experience of carpentry helps, but do not let the lack of it get away from the experience and happy to build your own computer desk in plywood


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Put a bit of glue on the 22 “edges of 34 1/2 inch pieces of plywood armoire computer desk and secure them between the two 28-inch pieces of plywood. Place them between the sides, along one edge and against the shelves. Attach them with or screw through shelves and sides. Clean up the glue as before. Put the box on the side with your back braces away from you. Measure down from the bottom of a shelf and make a mark of 4 inches (this will be top). Place the angle bracket on the brand and draw a line across the page.

Install the cabinet member in the drawer sliding on the line according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn the box over to its other side and repeat the process. Stretch the wooden frame on the desk keeping it at least from the edges. Center in the box on the desktop and customize the back of the box with an edge of the desktop. Attach the desk to the desk with or screws. Clean up the glue. The assembly is now an armoire computer desk. Install the locking wheels on the front corners of the table and the other two on the back corners with or screws.

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