Building Children’s Armoire

Jul 8th
Simple Childrens Armoire
Simple Childrens Armoire

Children’s armoire – Children are naturally curious and imaginative. Therefore, their furniture should invoke a sense of wonder and encourage them to express their personality. A child’s armoire should be more than just a diminished copy of the full-size version, the furniture designer Karen Andrea, owner of the Magic room, is available. Encourage your child to help design, mount and end armoire so that it expresses his personality.


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Planning and layout

Roll white butcher paper and attach it to a work table with strips of masking tape. Does your child make contour drawings for favorite animals, plants and other objects on the paper, using crayons? Ask your child to choose one of the contour drawings to use as a template for decorative cutouts in the doors and walls of the children’s armoire. Cut two sheets of 2/1 inch plywood 36 inches wide and 48 inches tall, using a table circular saw with mitral fence. Use one for the front and one for the back of the child’s armoire.

Does your child help 18 inches over the short end of one of the 36-inch-by-48-inch plywood sheets and mark that point. Repeat for the other end of the plywood board. Give your children’s armoire. Ask your child to draw a curved line from the mark at one end to the mark at the other end. Use a jigsaw to cut along that line to make two irregularly shaped, interlocking doors. Mark the door that is right on the right “A.” Mark the door that is straight on the left side “B.” Does your child track the scrap template on each door? Drill a starting hole with a larger diameter than the jig, through the door, near the center of each of the cutouts on the doors.

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