Building Laptop Armoire

Mar 23rd
Traditional Laptop Armoire
Traditional Laptop Armoire

Laptop armoire – Laptops are designed for use on portable stands or tables. Most laptops cool the high temperature circuits in the processor with small fans. The valves so that the airflow through the laptop is placed at the bottom of the case, which is why it is always, better to use a tripod. It’s also something you need to take into account when building your laptop board. When the laptop is placed on a flat surface or cloth, it prevents airflow through ventilation ducts and in the laptop, which may overheat it


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Separate 6-inch dummies in pairs in two. Hold each pair together for laptop armoire, side by side, with the ends even, and drill three holes through each pair, one inch from each end and one in the middle. Screw a drywall screw through each hole, firmly attached thieves in pairs. Position each pair of 6-inch plugs into two rows side by side. Lay the four 12-inch tray on top of the 6 inch thumbs, at each end of the thumbs, place in pairs so that 12 inch thumbs make up two sides of a rectangle in the box at the end of the pair, the other two make a pair of buckles over the middle.

Pre-drill through the 12-inch plug into the 6-inch plug, one in each dime of each pair. Screw a screw drywall through each hole. Now turn the rectangle laptop armoire over and place the remaining two 12-inch plugs on top of one side of each rectangle, aligned with the tray on the bottom of that page. Pre-drill 12 holes, just like in the last step, and screw in a screw in each hole.

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