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October 9, 2019 Armoire Ideas

Building Oak Jewelry Armoire

Oak jewelry armoire – Fill the box with jewelry by attaching hooks for neckline to the back and sides. Push pin work as an alternative to hooks. You may want to designate a corner for necklaces and use the rest for other items. If you fill parts of the box with light foam (or if the box comes with a foam layer), cut this to fit groups of earrings. Just press the earrings in pair’s directly through foam and attach their backs on the other side. Create easily detachable “vertical stack” earrings by cutting less foam squares and lining them along the shelf or drawer bottom as books on a bookshelf. This utilizes the space well and gives you easy access to the earrings.

Oak Jewelry Armoire Chest

Oak Jewelry Armoire Chest

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Bracelets and more

12 Inspiration Gallery from Building Oak Jewelry Armoire

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If the box is long enough to have the necklace hang with space beneath it, add a small shelf or two of light wood. Balart, commonly used for model aircraft, is robust enough to hold objects without bending under small weights. Use wood threading to attach balsa wood or use thin nails through the back of the box to secure the oak jewelry armoire. Use the lower edge of the box for the largest or heaviest items such as watches or bracelets. On the outside of the box, attach a row of hooks for an under-box with hangers for choker necklace, ribbon or smaller bracelet chain.

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The alternative to building the pieces of your oak jewelry armoire is to find lightweight organizers wooden box, or ready-made storage boxes that you can attach to the wall. Make different shapes Cubbies to match different objects, like shadowbox ideas. Even partially transparent plastic pearl Organizers will be able to work for this project, but you may want to dress them if they are exhibited.


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