Building Plans for a Dog Crate End Table

Oct 18th
Wooden Contemporary Dog Crate End Table Ideas
Wooden Contemporary Dog Crate End Table Ideas

By making a dog crate end table, you can cover your canine’s crate, camouflaging it as a feature of the room’s ornamentation. This permits the dog to be crated in a typical territory of the home without the crate or transporter acting as a burden.


1. Measure your dog crate on all sides to get an exact picture of its measurements.

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2. Make the arrangement for your dog crate end table.

3. Cut two side boards from your plywood. The sides ought to be somewhat taller and more extensive than the measurements of your canine crate.

4. Curtail board from your plywood in the same way as in Step 3. Connect the side and back boards together with your sledge and nails. Slide the puppy box into your three-sided structure to guarantee a fitting fit before proceeding.

5. Make an entryway outline with your 2-inch by 1-inch sheets to the measurements of the front of the table.

6. Cut a top for your table. Work with a higher-evaluation lumber if feasible for this some piece of the undertaking.

7. Sand your tabletop for a smooth completion. Paint or stain the dog crate end table utilizing a nontoxic, pet-safe item. Pick an item that is proposed for utilization on kid safe toys and furniture for the best comes about.

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