Changing the Needle of an Antique Record Player

Oct 11th
Vintage Record Player And Speakers

Many music lovers consider the sound of an LP superior to any digital recording and using antique record player. If you are planning to upgrade your music collection with vinyl records and music equipment, know how to take care of the stylus arm and the needle, as the needle will wear stereo physical use. After a number of hours of playing time, you will have to change the needle of your turntable.

Remove all disks from antique record player that are on the turntable to minimize the possibility of damage. Lift the stylus arm to the highest position and examines where the cartridge is installed to determine if it is removable. If so, unscrew the sleeve and remove the cartridge arm to have easier access to the end of the cartridge.

30 Picture Gallery: Changing the Needle of an Antique Record Player

Remove the old needle pulling it out, away from the arm toward you. The needle and the support should slide easily. Replace the needle of the same model which rejected. Press the needle and the bracket in place until the bracket is aligned with the cartridge at antique record player.

If you’ve never noticed before a turntable do not hesitate to ask other people who have done so on the methods used or even pay to have it fixed for you.

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