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How to Cleaning Antique Typewriter

For those of us who love antique typewriter, the major findings are generally found in garage sales, rummage stores or on the bottom shelf of an old hardware store in the hills. The problem with these findings is that they are almost always dirty. Whether you are in good condition or do they need some repairs, all need to be cleaned before I knew what to do with them then. Clean the surface of the antique typewriter with a white damp cotton cloth. If your machine has glass panels on the sides, clean them with vinegar and spray of white cotton cloth.

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If your machine has streaks or is an older model,

I am aware that even the mildest of cleansers such as Soft Scrub, you can get to strip paint stripes; so be very careful in the selection of cleaning products. White vinegar is very gentle and does not harm most painted surfaces. Carefully remove the tape reels and set both aside. If the tape is in good condition can be re-inking. Otherwise, depending on the age, make and model of the typewriter, you should buy replacement reels or old could damage the new belt. Clean inside the antique typewriter with a white damp cotton cloth to get rid of the main dirt, removing anything that should not be there (cobwebs, dirt garage, etc.).

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Brush the image of the face of the type bars, cleaning dirt, dust and ink build with a toothbrush or a brush to the typewriter. Use white vinegar to help when needed.  Use cotton swabs and white vinegar to help clean the faces of the type bars. Use the vacuum wand to remove any loose particles that has been attached to the mechanism of the typewriter. Let him completely air dry before reassembling.

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