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October 12, 2019 Unique & Antiques

How to Convert Antique Telephones

An antique telephones cannot connect to a power cable from modern phone does not have a modular jack. If necessary, however, you can convert an old phone so that it can be plugged into the phone jack without being wired. A modular telephone jack, also known as an RJ-11 connector is provided; this can be purchased in most places supply electronics. Although it will take a few tools, they can be purchased at a hardware store if they are not already in hand. Instructions to convert antique telephones.

Antique Telephones Value

Antique Telephones Value

Insert the screwdriver flat-edged jeweler in the seam between the front and rear sections of the RJ-11 module. Lift the tip of the screwdriver to separate the two sections together. Pull the front section of the rear. Cut 6-inch insulation on the cable end of the antique telephones with a knife. Pull the wiring free from inside the insulation with your fingers.

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Gaza 1/4 inches from the ends of the red and green wires with wire strippers. Heat the soldering iron for four minutes. Solder the end of the green wire to the contact to the right of the contact that the red wire is welded. Let the solder cool for a minute.

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