Covering Frame Mirrored Armoire

Jun 15th
White Mirrored Armoire
White Mirrored Armoire

Mirrored armoire doors, you can have an integer mirror next to the place where you dress, but an ugly frame can impair the interior of your room. The mirror frame also creates an edge between the mirror and the wall, which can unattractively cut the space into segments. Cover your mirrored armoire so the division looks intentional or finds a way to hide it completely. Both mirrors Bifold doors and doors with a single recessed mirror can benefit from frame covers.


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A drape and long curtain scarf over the top of the door so that the edges flatten down to either side of the mirror. Curtain scarves are designed for windows and are long enough to fit the door easily. The blanket hides the edges of the mirrored armoire frame, and a scarf flares long enough to the floor, giving the mirror bohemian appearance. Use some dots of fabric glue to keep the scarf at the top of the door, making the rest cascade down the door naturally. Choose a scarf that matches your homes embellishment system or choose one in a neutral color that melts into the wall. This method works best on doors with mirrored recesses that open into the wardrobe.

Paint the mirror frame to match the wall with a brush. If the mirrored armoire goes straight to the edge the door, this causes to melt into the wall. Covering the mirror’s frame with color also gives you a more dynamic edge for your own reflection, so you can make the most of your mirror’s benefits. This method works for both Bifold doors and standard doors.

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