Cozy and Soft Flannel Quilt Patterns

Apr 16th
Small Flannel Quilt Patterns
Small Flannel Quilt Patterns

Do you remember how the cribs were a few years ago, or a few decades ago? They had soft flannel quilt patterns, cushions, protectors for the bars, some blankets on top and even stuffed animals. All this made the baby’s crib look like the most pleasant place in the world. Something likes sleeping in a cotton cloud. Now, however, we know that the place where the baby sleeps must be something quite far from that image. Much more earthly and uncomfortable to look at.

Come on, a crib with a firm mattress, a sheet and nothing else. I repeat, nothing more. But this message has not yet reached all parents. And a recent study shows that although babies should not sleep with soft flannel quilt patterns, many parents still use it. American researchers have carried out a study to see how the latest recommendations for achieving safe sleep in babies have been making their way into the population. And have seen that since 1996, when babies were told how to sleep,

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Until 2010, the number of parents who use soft flannel quilt patterns to put babies to sleep (quilts, blankets, pillows and other soft materials used to cover the baby or to put them to sleep on) decreased from 86% to 55%. Up there well. The problem is that since 2010 to date, the number has remained fairly stable.


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