Cozy Embroidered Baby Quilts

Nov 11th
Pink Embroidered Baby Quilts
Pink Embroidered Baby Quilts

Put the crib, bassinet, portable crib or baby pen in your room and near your bed. Sharing the room because this can reduce the risk of SIDS by up to 50%, and it is much safer than sharing the bed. In addition, sharing the room will facilitate feeding, reassuring and taking care of your baby. There are soft or soft clothes or bedding, such as pillows or embroidered baby quilts on the bed.

Keep soft / soft objects, loose bedding or any object that may increase the risk of entrapment, suffocation or strangulation outside the bed or sleeping surface . These include: pillows, embroidered baby quilts, sheepskin blankets, blankets, toys, crib protectors, or similar products that are attach to the crib railings or their sides. If you are worried about your baby feeling cold, you can wear baby sleepwear, like a blanket to wear. Usually, your baby should be dress in an extra layer of the one you have.

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You can wrap your baby. However, make sure your baby is always on his back when wrapped . Do not wrap the baby too tight or make it difficult for the baby to breathe or move their hips. When you see that your baby is trying to turn around, you should stop wrapping him in embroidered baby quilts.


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