Create a Nursery Armoire

Oct 30th
Wooden Nursery Armoire
Wooden Nursery Armoire

Nursery armoire – The goal of designing a baby nursery is to create a calm space. A child’s first room is a place for comfort and stimulus in one, and should serve its purpose with only minor changes for as long as he is in diapers. After examining the walls, windows and floors in the nursery, it is good to mentally share the content of necessities – like a crib and storage – and personal information, such as photos and artwork. The necessities give the room structure, and the personal details give the room character.


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Look at the room and combine the vision in the head with the reality in space. Note any dragged areas that would restrict nursery armoire placement. Is the room dark or saturated with light? The amount of natural light in a room affects which colors work best. Investigate color schemes with one eye to slightly variation, adding a dimension to the overall design. Target a main color pairing with a neutral, and insert two or three accent colors. For example, if light pink is the most important color, the neutral would be sea green, chocolate brown or ivory. Accent colors may include deep pink, light yellow or turquoise.

Replace old carpet or floor, if possible. In cleanliness, hard surfaces are preferable to wall to wall carpets. Cork flooring is a health conscious choice because it does not contain hidden chemicals and comes from a renewable resource. Wooden floors are the traditional choice for a nursery armoire. Install window treatments with two things in mind: design and practical use. An overly bright room does not contribute to a two-hour nap. Room-darker shades combined with fabric curtains provide a way to control the light as well as add the room’s interior.

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