Custom Glass Dresser Knobs Decorative

Sep 29th
Combine Glass Stainless Steel Cupboard Handles
Combine Glass Stainless Steel Cupboard Handles

Glass dresser knobs are beautiful treasures that can add charm to any decoration. A collection of glass knobs can fill a vase on an entrance table or with the addition of pin screws, it can become hooks to hang a multitude of things. Switch the types pegs on the wall hooker with clearance glass knobs and greet your style with shiny and a feeling of elegance when they enter your room.

Put wood on a table in front of you to face 6-inch board is flat on the table and 36 inches in length and the board is parallel to you. Measure and lightly mark a line running horizontally in the middle of the 6-inch face of the board, forming a center line round glass drawer pulls. Measure 6 inches from both short ends of the board. Lightly mark the points on the line with a pencil. Measure 18 inches from a short end of the board and lightly mark the point with a pencil on the center line.

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The resulting stitches will be 12 inches apart, leaving enough space between the glass knob door hardware to hang hats and coats on them. Drill a pilot hole for the dowel screws at each of the three points marked on the line of the table. The sand board. Remove pencil marks, as well as any sharp edges and rough surfaces.

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