Design of Craft Cabinet Armoire

Mar 8th
White Craft Cabinet Armoire
White Craft Cabinet Armoire

Craft cabinet armoire has evolved over the centuries; France’s first used detached storage cabinets for stash weapons, since the armoire was most commonly used as a wardrobe or bedding storage. The latest incarnation of this furniture is the home office workplace center; armoire is especially useful for this purpose because it closes, hides the ugly paper and computer mess. Compiling a small armoire is a realistic goal, especially when using unexpected items to complete the task.


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Paint craft cabinet armoire, tray, 1-inch with 2-inch discs and extension pieces of the same color. Allow the paint to dry before continuing. Drill holes in the bottom four corners of each bookcase. Attach your wheel to the bottom of bookshelves with its attached screws and hardware. Put two bookshelves together side by side and shelf upwards. Hold a hinge up to the gap between the edges where the two bookshelves meet, about one foot from the top of the bookshelves. Select the location of the screw holes.

Hold the hinge over the gap again, about one foot up from the bottom. Mark the screw holes. Place a hinge on the center of the edge, and make your selections. Drill holes in places to create control holes, and then attach the hinges to the two bookshelf edges with the supplied hardware to connect the two furniture. Remove the lower center and top of the center shelf on the left craft cabinet armoire to create legroom, like these additional shelves aside. Remove the middle shelf in the bookcase on the left. Cut off the back 1 inch off the shelf.

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