Design of Desktop Drawer Organizer

Aug 14th
Popular Desktop Drawer Organizer
Popular Desktop Drawer Organizer

Desktop drawer organizer can be a challenge. Commercially available organizers are designed to fit within a wide variety of drawers. This can be a drawback since they rarely fill the available space inside a drawer and will have a tendency to slip out of position as the drawer is opened and closed. Fortunately, making your own wooden spacers is simple and can be done with some basic tools.

Measure the length, width and depth of your drawer. You will use these dimensions so that the divider pieces to fit securely inside the drawer. For illustration purposes, we will use a drawer with dimensions of 18 inches long, 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Adjust the cutting guide on a table saw for the depth of the dividers. Remove the cutting guide from the table saw. Cut 3-inch strips to the appropriate length. To make a divider with nine compartments using the example measurements, cut two 18-inch strips and two 12-inch strips.

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Place the flat strips on a flat work surface. Use a pencil to mark 6 inches and 12 inches from one end of each of the two 18-inch strips. Measure and mark the two 12-inch strips at 4 and 8 inches. Use a table saw to notch the strips where you marked them. Its notches should extend slightly more than half the depth of the strip.

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