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October 5, 2019 Armoire Ideas

Design of Espresso Armoire

Espresso armoire is not impractical if you use some space-saving technology. Using the entire space is crucial for the wardrobe functionality, but you also need plenty of lighting molded in all areas in a small wardrobe. This design concept gives you the opportunity to see each shelf, corner and space so that no available whistle goes unused.

Espresso Armoire Custom

Espresso Armoire Custom

Top Shelves

12 Inspiration Gallery from Design of Espresso Armoire

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Image of: Vintage Espresso Armoire
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Image of: Espresso Armoire Custom
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Image of: Bedroom Espresso Armoire

Reaching a top espresso armoire just because it’s too high to reach comfort is a waste of useful closet space. Buy a ladder or step pallet that simply collapses into a smaller shape to use as a means to reach the top shelf. The advantage of choosing a folding ladder stool is that you can slide in the small wardrobe space when not in use. Instead of placing clothes or other items directly on the top shelf, store them in a container or container so you do not have to fool your stuff while balancing on a ladder. The top shelf is ideal for seasonal clothes or other items that you do not need on a daily basis.

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Floor Space

The floor area in an espresso armoire is just like having another storage shelf. Because the floor tends to be dirtier than other surfaces, use boxes or containers to keep your items away from all dirt. The floor surface also works well to hold a shoe rack, which is better than placing your shoes directly on the floor for two reasons: it keeps dirt from the floor and maximizes shoe storage space.

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