Desk Drawer Organizer with a Keyboard Washer

Feb 28th
Wooden Desk Drawer Organizer
Wooden Desk Drawer Organizer

Desk drawer organizer may eventually become stuck or come off. Center desk drawers can be particularly troublesome because they are thin and wide, but often have the same weight as deeper, heavier boxes. Boxes containing keyboard trays should be replaced as soon as they start to loosen, as an unexpected fall could break the keyboard.


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Remove the old desk drawer by pulling out. Many keyboard boxes will catch at the end; wiggle it to get it over the latch and remove it completely. Discard it. Try shooting in the new desk drawer organizer if you haven’t already. If you have the replacement box especially for this desk model, it will probably fit right and you will be ready. If you have another type of box, read on. Loosen the screws that connect the metal drawer rails to the desk. There will be two runners; one on each side of the box. Your new desk drawer comes with new metal runners.

Keep one of the new runners up to where you want it to go. Desk drawer organizer See if the runner’s screw holes match existing holes in the wood. Due to manufacturing standards, they are likely to come. Screw the runner into place with a screwdriver. Screw the other seam on the other side. If the screw holes are matched in Step 4, they will match again and this will be easy. If you had to drill holes, but target the other runner can be tricky. Make a friend keep the runner to the wood while you put the box as if you were using it.

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