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July 26, 2019 Interior Designs

Dimensions of the King and Queen Daybed

The size of all the daybeds is not equal. You may think that the king and queen daybed are only available in 2 sizes: queen size and king size. Beds are available in additional sizes that are named with terms like dual bed and California king size.

Mattresses love seat and queen

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Mattresses love seat and queen daybed are designed to accommodate two people. A seat cushion two standard measures 54 inches (1.37 meters) wide and 75 (1.90 meters) long. These same mattress, but extra long, have the same width but are 80 inches (2 meters) long. Also called double mattresses for daybeds, but should not be confused with the individual of a square, measuring 39 inches (1 meter) wide and 75 (1.90 meters) long. The standard queen size mattress is 60 inches (1.50 meters) wide and 80 (2 meters) long.

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King Mattresses

There are a variety of king size mattresses. A standard king or Eastern king, measured 76 inches (1.95 meters) wide and 80 (2 meters) long. A dual or single king has dimensions similar dimensions but has two mattresses of 39 inches (1 meter) wide and 80 (2 meters) long. The California king mattress is narrower and longer than the standard; is 72 inches (1.80 meters) wide and 84 (2.15 meters) long. It can also be separated into two mattresses, 36-inch (90 cm) wide each, and form a California king mattress dual at queen daybed.

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