DIY Dressers Ideas

Jun 1st
DIY Wood Dressers
DIY Wood Dressers

DIY dressers will complement almost all types of furnishings and are a simple match for granite worktops and other popular feature room. To many homeowners, dressers also make a significant initial investment. To maximize this investment, it is important to choose the right type of wood for your dressers. When comparing wood for cabinet building, consider factors such as appearance, finish, price and usability to find the best material for your needs.


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Narrow your search to either dark or light shades of wood. Since the dressers are so big in most rooms, they can have a significant impact on the overall look of your room. Light wood can light up a room, or make a small room bigger. Medium and dark woods add heat to a room, but can also make it feel smaller. Choose carefully to create the desired tone and mood of your kitchen. Complete your existing flooring and surface treatments. Light shades of wood work best with darker floors, and can also be used to mark cranes and fixtures with relatively dark finish.

Dressers in deeper shades can complement a light wooden floor. Avoid woods that are too similar to your floors and worktops, because they can make a room also appear uniform. Choose between rustic and clear finish. Rustic forest, such as pine, hickory or some oak species, is known for features such as knots, “Bird’s eyes” and other natural selections. Clear species have a much smoother appearance, and include white maple, cherry or mahogany. Use rustic wood as a complement to traditional interior country kitchen, or choose clear finish for a more modern look.

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