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July 25, 2019 Interior & Furnitures

Double Sided Fireplace

The fireplace Wood Home Racal mod. G 30DC Double Face, ideal or for linking two adjoining rooms. French doors (ceramic 950) opening guillotine and tilt for easy cleaning of the glass; you can disassemble the whole door for easy transport. Fully removable sliding mechanisms by removing the frontal –Double Sided Fireplace frame.

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Home interior clad with reversible black refractory and color baffle plate of refractory stainless steel.

Parallax and bucket ashtray, combustion control by primary and secondary registration through taps double sided fireplacesDriving possibility convection air to other double sided fireplace rooms in the house. In option it can be equipped with a forced ventilation system (turbine kit). Height adjustable foot. Adjustable front frame to work.­

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