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July 24, 2019 Tile & Granites

Easy Cutting Glass Subway Tile

Glass subway tile are rectangular tiles that can be made of any material, including glass. While normal size of a subway tile is length of two times size of its height, new designs allow these tiles have lengths of three to four times its width and glass subway tiles are not a exception.

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Cut this rectangular subway tile it means use of precision cutting tools. How do it?

1 Turn glass subway tile over and use a ruler and a grease pencil to mark where cut was made. Always mark and cut glass tiles in back to prevent chipping or damage to front of tile, which will be visible after installation.

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2 Replace blade of wet tile saw a diamond disc glass tile. Cutting tools normal glass tiles are chipped; Additional diamond cutter on sheet of glass tiles help minimize damage.

3 Start saw, place back of glass subway tiles on table. Align your pencil mark with foil and press tile on sheet with your fingers on each side, away from blade.

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4 Keep it light, steady pressure on glass as it moves through blade, but not push or apply too much pressure. Let cutting blade to continue to clean slicing through tile. Turn off saw, and retrieve cut glass mosaic.

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