Easy Remove Truck Bed Drawer

Jun 10th
Truck Bed Wood Drawer
Truck Bed Wood Drawer

Truck bed drawer – Depending on make, model and size of your truck, bed or cargo box is mounted on frame with four to eight carriage bolts. Each bolt has a large donut-shaped rubber washer located between box and truck frame that acts as a shock absorber for cargo box. If you have to remove box from a truck, you just have to remove screws and lift box from truck.

Disconnect wires from taillights. There should be a male-female plug located in area between cab and truck bed. Go under box of truck and locate bolts that hold box to chassis of truck. Thoroughly soak all nuts with an aerosol lubricant. Wait 10 minutes.

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Loosen bolt nuts that attach truck body to truck chassis with a socket wrench. Raise frame box enough to pass tires and remove it. If nuts are still trap after spraying with lubricant, try grabbing bolt heads with a pair of pressure clamps, locking them in place with handles between crests of case. If nuts still do not move, you can cut bolts with a blowtorch. An easier solution is to remove heads of screws with a drill. From top, drill accurately center of bolt head with a drill bit same size as bolt shank. Head must fall down, and bolt can be pulled out with a blow.

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