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July 28, 2019 Interior Designs

Elegant black leather ottoman

Black leather ottoman can give an elegant, sophisticated and classy look to your house. As durable as attractive, leather furniture is a great choice if you have children or pets. Black leather ottoman gives your home a bold look, and that softens the space with plush fabrics. You can put a chenille blanket over your leather chair.

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Choose a comfortable fabric covered ottoman to go with a leather ottoman. Break the pattern of leather using clean linen curtains. If you have hardwood floors, put a shag rug on the floor to add comfort and warmth to the space.

Wooden tables and black leather ottoman will balance top leather furniture. Create a classic style room library to use dark brown leather chairs with tables and shelves maple or cherry. Hang or put potted green plants to give color to the space. To give light to a dark room with leather furniture, choose coffee and side tables made ​​of oak or other light woods. Add other items to a rich natural appearance. Pick a coffee table with glass cover or stone tiles or lamp with wooden base that has a display of stained glass.

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