Fisher Price Dresser Design

Apr 25th
Fisher Price Universal Double Dresser
Fisher Price Universal Double Dresser

You acquire an old agency, but the inside of the chest of drawers has an unpleasant odor. Before using the fisher price dresser, get rid of the wood smell in the chest of drawers so that your clothes will not absorb these smells. Try one of several techniques to remove odors and within a short time your agency will be ready to use and stuff clothes.


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Remove all the drawers from the office and place the chest of fisher dresser in a place where they can air out for up to two weeks. Make sure each box is completely open for air circulation and that the place gets warm and dry air blows through it. Leave furniture to air for the entire two-week period. Judge furniture after it is sent to determine if any odor remains. If odor remains, proceed to the next step. Mix 2 tsp. of wood soap with 1 gallon of hot water in the bucket. Saturate cloth with water and detergent and wipe all inner and outer surface dressing and drawers with soapy water.

Make sure the cloth is only moist when you wipe off suits because saturating the wood with too much moisture can damage it. Let the chest of fisher dresser dry thoroughly. This may take several days, depending on the humidity. Cover each interior and exteriors the surface completely. Let the oil penetrate the wood for two to three days. After this time the wood should smell invisible and the agency should be ready to use.

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