Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire for Party

May 30th
White Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire
White Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Full length mirror jewelry armoire is a stand-alone chest, usually about 3 feet tall, for buzzing necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings and other small keepsakes and items. Upright position and great space for an armoire makes you’re loved to store their jewelry without the risk of their trams and knots. Armoires are found in a variety of woods and finishes, with pine, cherry and mahogany the most common, often with glass doors and multiple drawers.

Chocolate Combine two gifts in a chocolate-filled full length mirror jewelry armoire. You can buy a stuffed box or fill it yourself with your loved one favorite brand of chocolate. To fill the box, save storage areas with baking paper and leave an overhang equal to the dimension of the top of the box or lid area. Stack the chocolate on top of the paper. Leave about 1/2 inch of head space to make it easier to close the drawers or lid. Try to find chocolate that is disk-shaped, rather than round, for easy stacking. Avoid truffle with a cocoa powder exterior to avoid the mess in the box. Put the paper on top of chocolate and fasten it with tape.

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Find a box that is made in or blame your partner’s cultural heritage. A box of colorful lacquers honors a Russian heritage, while a box of lions, giraffes and antelopes shells a central African heritage. For Northwest Indians, woodworking is an important cultural talent and a full length mirror jewelry armoire with U-curves and totem spirits is a gift to consider. For an Indian partner, search for a box of intricate carving and mother-of-pearl insertions in the lid.

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