Fun Truck Bed Storage Containers for Kids

Apr 3rd
Yellow Truck Bed Storage Containers
Yellow Truck Bed Storage Containers

Want to create completely new and original truck bed storage containers for your child? Looking for decorating ideas to make your little girl or boy’s room a place where mystery and magic meet play and daydream? Between the optical illusion rooms, car themes, clouds, pirate, princess, your choice is made. You will customize the walls, the bed or the floor to decorate this room.

Discover a selection of kid’s rooms all more original: truck bed storage containers or dream world. Let yourself be carried away and get inspired! Small, you would have liked to have a cabin and it was not unusual to find yourself hidden under a sheet stolen from the linen cabinet. Some furniture, clothes pins and the trick was played; you had your little corner to you, your tent where you lived extraordinary adventures!

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Why not dare to create truck bed storage containers straight out of a storybook? Hut in the trees, boat perched bunk bed where everyone has his personal corner, the ideas are endless! If you are a little handyman some work is at hand, however beware of beds suspended and fixed to the ceiling, the intervention of a professional is necessary for a safe installation!

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