Great Stackable Drawer Organizer

Feb 13th
Unique Stackable Drawer Organizer
Unique Stackable Drawer Organizer

The classic blue or red stackable drawer organizer is one of the most useful products that exist to organize any type of object. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Also, you can buy long, short, small, large, wide, narrow, more or less deep, etc. Their versatility and diversity of shapes allows them to adapt to any space: shelf shelves, cabinets, tables, work benches, workshops, storage rooms, etc.

One of the most common uses of plastic stackable drawers is the organization of small hardware such as nylon plugs, screws, nuts, washers or nails. But the truth is that the drawers can be used for everything. Electronic components, toys, office supplies and stationery, cables, onions, garlic, plastic bags, and cutlery. You can buy them in two colors: blue or red. They are made with polypropylene, an acid resistant plastic. They are easy to clean and withstand blows and falls well.

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All models include a small slot on the front to insert an identification card. Label the contents of each box. And also find your things even faster. Or if you prefer you can use a permanent marker. In the medium and large size drawers the content is seen directly. But in the small ones, identification is very helpful.

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