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Hanging Jewelry Armoire Ideas

Hanging jewelry armoire will arrange a messy wardrobe, saving time when ready in the morning. Shelves can be purchased in a wardrobe organizer kit, or in shelves and storage part of a home delivery store. Installing the wardrobe shelves is simple and can be done by anyone. Wire shelves will be the easiest to install, but will not look as nice as wooden shelves. Shelves can be installed easily with shelf brackets, plug and screws

Elegant Hanging Jewelry Armoire

Elegant Hanging Jewelry Armoire


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Determine the height and location of all shelves that will be installed in the hanging jewelry armoire. Use a water pass to make a straight line on the wall with a pen to draw where the shelf is to be hung. Measure the amount of shelf needed and use an arc to cut the size of the shelves. Draw all places in the cliff shelf, which are the pieces that come clipped the wall side of the shelf on the wall, on the post from Step 1 with an “X” brand. The marks should start 1 inch from the edges of the continental shelf, then evenly spaced but the distance between the brands is greater than 12 inches.

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Drill a 1/4 inch wide hole in each mark, then press the clip into the hole and fasten with a guide pin. Hang wires on the cliff. Attach a diagonal stag to the front lip Wire shelf by hooking or using clips or brackets supplied with wire shelves. Put the level on the shelf and keep the hanging jewelry armoire level and place a mark where the stag and the wall. Drill a 1/4 inch hole on the mark and insert a plug and screw to secure the support bracket. Install a rod at both ends of it on the shelf and in the middle of the shelf is large, and make sure to place at least one stag every 2 meters.

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