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July 27, 2019 Nursery Decors

Hot Air Balloon Nursery Nice for Decoration Nursery

Hot air balloon nursery – the carpet was one of the most difficult for me to choose items. At first, I thought about doing a kind of cozy shag rug, but then thought better after being reminded of all the saliva or other stains that probably appear soon after the baby arrives. The window curtains were yellow and red accents, and ultimately settled on a hunt of a yellow carpet to give the room a bit more brightness (which does not get a lot of sun, unfortunately).

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And finally, I have the luck to have incredible friends who contributed to the design of the room, including one of the co-hosts whit weekend, lurking my table daycare options to find a decoration for shower which could then be transferred to the nursery (see the lantern hot air balloon nursery, for example).

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Maybe your children will love hot air balloon nursery for interior decoration, most children love animals the funny and exciting such as a deer, a bear, and a lion with a cute picture.

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