How do I Clean Oak Cabinets in the Kitchen?

Oct 8th
Oak cabinets door
Oak cabinets door

Oak cabinets – Cleaning the house is a sensitive issue in many modern homes. Everyone is busy with work, school and other things. Not enough time in the day to do everything. Unfortunately, while the dishes are washed and vacuumed the floors, some tasks are neglected. The cleaning of the kitchen furniture is something that goes unnoticed until suddenly sees dark marks around the door and drawer handles. Because of its light color, dirty oak cabinets are especially notable. However, they are easy to clean.


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1. Dampen a plastic scouring pad and add some Dawn dish detergent. Carefully clean the closet, rubbing a bit if necessary.

2. Pour some Murphy oil soap on a rag and clean the cabinets. If Dawn and a scrub pad do not work, try Murphy’s next. Since it is made specifically for cleaning wood, should not damage the finish. Carefully follow all directions on the package.

3. Try a kitchen degreaser. Since most of the dirt is in the kitchen cooking grease and fingerprints, try a degreaser. Test in an inconspicuous place, and you do not want to damage the finish of oak cabinets.

4. Use trisodium phosphate (TSP for short) as a last resort. The TSP is a strong cleaner, I deluxe with water according to package directions. Be careful; this may damage the finish of your cabinets.

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