How Do I Get Organized Clear Drawer Organizer

Apr 29th
Unique Clear Drawer Organizer
Unique Clear Drawer Organizer

Clear drawer organizer – If you spend eight hours or more of your day sitting behind a desk, it is bound to gather some clutter. Chances are, when the work day is finished, you are ready to radiate out of the office instead pick up any mess you made. But an organized workplace can help you become more productive and feel less stress. Set aside a moment to get rid of debris and put everything in place


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Clear everything from your clear drawer organizer except the most essential. Desk phone, printer / fax and computer. Throw something you don’t need-old notes, junk mail, receipts or paperwork from more than a year ago. Shred some sensitive points. Use a clean cloth to dry the dust and debris from the desk. Don’t forget your computer and phone. Place some pens in an easy to reach container on the desk. Designate a box for the rest, and make this a delivery box. Group them together in small containers or invest in a box organizer.

Designate a box for important paper. If your clear drawer organizer does not have a large, file-sized box, consider an accordion file. Label each file appropriately and specifically. Avoid general catchall files – if paperwork doesn’t fit into one of your tagged files, chances are you won’t need it. A diverse file also quickly becomes a catchall for paperwork, encouraging unorganized habits. Move all the files you can to your computer. You will be able to find them in a few clicks of the mouse, and eliminate the mess. Organize your desktop the same way you enter physical paperwork. Take advantage of tagged folders so you can find items at a glance.

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