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Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with Easy Painting

July 28, 2019 Cabinet

How Finished Staining Cabinets

The staining cabinets finished inside the house are more than likely in the kitchen or bathroom. Over time, cabinets tend to fade in the sun, stained by water or possibly have an outdated finish by how they look or the color.

Instructions of staining cabinets

  1. Remove all items from cabinets. Clean the cabinets with a damp sponge and soap timber.
  2. Place rags on the floor and above devices. Applying masking tape over the edges of the enclosure to the wall and over the edges of the hob.
  3. Place the drawers and cabinet doors on top of a workbench or sawhorses. Sand all surfaces to be painted with 150 grit to help unite the primer to the surface of the furniture.
  4. Repair cracks or broken wood with wood glue or wood putty.
  5. Put the doors back up on the table or sawhorses. Painting the doors with a tinted oil-based primer.
  6. Paint the cabinets and drawers primer. Let the doors, drawers and cabinets to dry completely.
  7. Paint the back of the doors with oil-based paint. Paint the drawers and cabinets. Latex paint is likely to peel and scrape the surfaces of the wood staining cabinets.
  8. Turn the cabinet doors so that the fronts are facing upwards. Paint the front and edges with oil paint.
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