How to Arrange the Silverware Drawer Organizer

Jul 13th
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Silverware Tray Shelf

Silverware Drawer Organizer – If you arrive in your drawer from the cutlery of a spoon, just to stab it at your fingertips on a fork, it’s time to organize that drawer. While simply throwing cutlery and other everyday kitchenware into the drawer that may seem to be an easy solution, you will most likely end up with a stuffed crate full that makes it difficult to find the utensil you really need.

Take all cutlery and other objects out of the drawer. Clean the bottom of the drawer with the sponge or cloth to remove dust or crumbs. Measure the inside dimensions of the drawer. Order cutlery by type. Knives put butter in one pile, meat knives in another, dessert forks in a third and so on. Use a drawer organizer designed for cutlery. Get one that has room for all the different types of silverware that you have. It has to fit in the drawer, but it does not have to be the exact size. You can have a little space in the drawer for other utensils that do not go in the organizer, such as a can opener or corkscrew.

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Place the cutlery in the organizer by type. Put the forks together and lay dessert forks next to the dinner forks. Teaspoons can be together with tablespoons. If the idea of ​​putting sharp meat knives in the organizer does not agree with you, invest in a small knife block and store those knives in your counter. Place any other utensil in the drawer, next to the organizer.

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