How to Clean Pine Armoire

Jan 19th
Wood Pine Armoire
Wood Pine Armoire

Pine armoire is a painting technique where a diluted white color mixture is applied to wood, such as a tall armoire, creating an antique look. When dry, the clear-cut finish is translucent, which makes the underlying wood visible through some places? When calking a tall armoire, it is important that you properly prepare the wood before applying the paint. Whitewash will not stick to slick or previously painted surfaces.


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Empty the pine armoire of all clothes and other items and move it to a patio or well-ventilated indoor area, such as a garage. Spread a tarpaulin under the armoire to protect the floor or the ground from paint splatters. Sand down all surfaces of the pine armoire with fine sandpaper, for example 200. Follow the direction of the wood fibers when grinding. The surface of the numbers must be completely free from all previous paint and stain and must be slightly rough when touched.

Wipe the entire pine armoire with a stroke cloth to remove any abrasive damper, which will interfere with the application of clean wax. Open a can of white, latex paint with a flat surface. Pour it into a bucket and add water until the solution drops slightly outside the brush and resembles milk. Stir the mixture thoroughly with a color stirrer until well combined. Dip a brush into the clean mixture and apply it to the entire surface of tall armoire in a thin layer. Allow the armoire to dry completely at the touch and decide if you want clean surface to be less open. If desired, apply a second layer of clean wax to the armoire.

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