How to Convert Computer Armoire

Jul 22nd
White Computer Armoire
White Computer Armoire

Computer armoire – If you have a piece of quality furniture like a high office agency, you can convert it into a new use like a computer armoire and workstation with just a few tools, cabinet hardware available in stores and online, and minimal woodworking skills. Converting a well-built bit is not as difficult as it sounds, but it takes a little care and patience to avoid destroying HIGH CITY DRESS


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Measure all computer components plus the printer. Use an LCD monitor. If your tower is very high, put it on its side on a lower shelf of computer armoire. The measurements will provide the ideal footprint for the monitor and needed for the keyboard / mouse area, a footprint for the tower, and a footprint for a small inkjet printer. Measure and visualize how you can create new shelf spaces in the box cavities to meet the needs of your workplace.

Crossbars separate boxes throughout the face of the work, and guides drawer run down the middle of the cavity on most kitchen cabinets. You may need to remove the box over members to create a higher open space. You may also want to leave some boxes intact, for storage. Remove all redundant box guides. Use a finely ground saw Douai Flush Cut to cut the box guides free from the office. Dissect each box of cross beams that must be removed to accommodate new higher computer armoire. Make your cuts flush. Use a grinding machine to remove any bumps or stubs left. Be careful not to spoil the finish on the front of the HIGH OFFICE. Do not use a chainsaw.

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