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How to Convert Entryway Armoire

Entryway armoire – If you have a closet that is close to the front door and you want to maximize your space, consider converting your wardrobe into a passenger seat. An unused wardrobe can be converted to make an inviting stay for your guests. Walk-in wardrobes can provide a spacious locker, while smaller sized wardrobes can provide a small foyer for your guests to walk through to access the rest of the home. After developing a plan for the new space, you can start making the necessary architectural changes.

Shoe Entryway Armoire

Shoe Entryway Armoire


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Take detailed measurements of entryway armoire space. Measure the length, width and depth of the space. Plan a new layout for the wardrobe. If the closet door needs to be moved, make a note of this information on your drawing. Remove all content from the wardrobe, and find a new place for them. Remove any closet bars and shelves so you have a completely empty space to work with. Remove the wardrobe door from its hinges and remove the hinges from the wall. Remove the cover with a coot if you move the doorway door.

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Cut the plaster sheet to the measurement of the wardrobe door. Hang plaster to cover the wardrobe door open. Use Gypsum tape to cover the seams between the plaster and the adjacent wardrobe walls. Spread joint with a 6-inch plaster tape knife. Cover the seam and plaster bond with the joint compound by holding the blade at a 30 degree angle. Cut out a new opening and exit from the entryway armoire if necessary. Use a drywall to sew the new openings to the desired width and height.

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