How to Create a Frameless Corner Storage Cabinet

Oct 26th
Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet

A corner storage cabinet and frameless cabinet is no “front” panel, which means that the door if there are any that fit, aligns with the body of the cabinet instead of being connected with a decorative front panel. You can produce a robust frameless corner storage cabinet and will last you many years of using simple plywood sheets in a day.

  1. Measure the depth available for your corner storage cabinet using a tape measure.
  2. Cut a sheet of plywood 1.90 cm thick and a width equal to the depth measurement
  3. Cut two plywood sheets 1.90 cm thick with a measurement equal to the width and a length depth equal to the height measurement least 3.81 cm.
  4. Glue a triangular blade to either end of the “L” to create the corner cabinet.
  5. Screwing a leaf on the cabinet by using two L-brackets, at a third distance from the bottom of the cabinet upward, using nails 1.27 cm long.
  6. Cut a sheet of plywood 1.90 cm thick with a length equal to the height of the cabinet and a width equal to the width of the wardrobe least 1.90 cm.
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