How To Easy To Hang Wall Jewelry Armoire

May 10th
Custom Wall Jewelry Armoire
Custom Wall Jewelry Armoire

Wall jewelry armoire – Whether you install armoires in the kitchen or a spice cabinet in your pantry, the process of mounting wall armoires is the same. Knowing how to hang the armoires allows you to complete the installation with ease. The important considerations for wall armoires are that the armoire is level and firmly fixed in the wall. You need a helper with larger armoires, so plan to invite a friend or family member to help the day you plan to work on the project.


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Measure the dimensions of the wall jewelry armoire. Select the dimensions of the selected spot on the wall using a pen and tape measure. Run a control detector along the wall inside the selected area of ​​the armoire. Mark the placement of wall-framing boards as indicated by the control detector. Lift the armoire in place with the help of an assistant. Place the two T-sockets on the underside of the armoire and adjust the height so that the sockets will support the armoire in the right place on the wall.

Run a screw through the lower lip of the wall jewelry armoire where the nearest stud to a corner is located. Place a level on the vertical side of the armoire. Adjust the armoire until it is level. Place the front cover of the armoire both vertically and horizontally. Put shims behind the armoire about the vertical and horizontal planes on the front of the armoire not the level. At the level, screw the screws through the upper and lower lips armoire at each bolt site using flat head screws and a screwdriver. Remove the T-sockets from the underside of the armoire.


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