How to Hold a Fish Quilt Pattern in Place

Feb 8th
Vintage Fish Quilt Pattern
Vintage Fish Quilt Pattern

Fish quilt pattern helps keep the blanket clean and creates an elegant look for the bedroom decor. Often the blanket clings or slides inside the lid. A lid that matches the canvas in size for a correct fit can reduce the risk of shifting. A cotton cover over a cotton-covered blanket can offer less displacement than some synthetic materials. Keeping a blanket in place can only require simple hand sewing skills.


Turn the fish quilt pattern in and out to display the four corners. Cut about 12 inches of monofilament wire for each corner, with scissors. Thread a length of monofilament through a hand sieve and tie the two ends. Insert the needle into a corner of the fabric and pull out the thread. Insert the needle near the first insertion point to form a loop. The eyelets can be about one inch in diameter. For additional strength repeat one or more times for additional loops.

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Shaping the thread near the corner. Trim two wire ends to approximately 1/4 inch with the scissors. Create loops for the remaining three corners. Cut four pieces of twill or other strong bond with a scissors. Make each piece about nine inches long. Fold a tape piece in half. Mark halfway with a pencil. Sew this band at its marked point to fish quilt pattern the corner. Repeat this step for the remaining three corners. Two bands will dangle from each corner.

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