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How to Install Swivel Glider Chair

Use a swivel glider chair. This feature is very popular in the office chairs. Like anything else, will eventually wear out. It is more profitable to make the old mechanism pan and install a new one than to buy a new chair. Swap the old mechanism with a new one is to add years of life to your swivel glider chair.

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Remove the old swivel mechanism.

Turn the chair. Loosen the screws that hold the swivel glider chair. Most chairs have screws Phillips head. Remove the mechanism of the chair. Determines how the swivel is attached to the bolt and then remove. Most positions bolts can be removed with a small spanner.

Install the new rotating mechanism.

Keep the new mechanism to the chair and make sure the holes in the mechanism match the holes in the chair. If you have purchased the correct mechanism will coincide.

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Squeeze through a screw mechanism in the chair at the same time. Place the seat and the mechanism for the pin.

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